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2018 New Years Resolutions and Transformations

Hello hello! =)
Now that we’re into the New Year and 2018 New Year’s Resolutions are well underway, I’m writing this blog post to touch base and reflect on goal-setting, and transformations. If you’re a subscriber of Wetheaether podcast, you may have caught the New Years Resolutions 2018 Episode discussing my year over year transformative process which has been on going for the past several years. If you haven’t listened to the episode, feel free to click the link above, or visit the Wetheaether iTunes Podcast page. I have also made content on New Year’s resolutions on my Youtube Channel – feel free to have a watch!

Over the past several years I’ve been undergoing a transformative process involving physical growth and mental development. Starting from around 2010-11 I had begun physically transforming myself to align with the highest version of myself which I could envision. What do I mean by the ‘highest version of myself’ you wonder? Simply put, I mean visualizing the highest level of physical and mental achievement I can attain and working towards it vigorously! In my case this visualization included a physically powerful being that has the capacity for great fetes of strength. I believed that with great physical strength comes the capacity for mental growth/development, and they parallel. There have since been several studies released which indicate things such as- Fitter Legs Mean A ‘Fitter’ Brain: Leg Strength Could Also Indicate Your Cognitive Health. At the time I did not have any such studies in mind, however I had an intuition of this. When I circle back now to biblical scripture, Vedas, and more.. it indicates that a transformative process begins with the body.. this makes sense when considering that ones body is in fact the only vehicle for physical and conscious existence that we know of (thus far). I’ve been training my physical body consistently for several years now and continue to do so with great success; achieving a recent 600lbs deadlift on two occasions, among other fetes of strength.

Now within the past 3 years I’ve been rapidly consuming literature on religion, metaphysics, mythology, science (Newtonian mechanics, physics, quantum theory, string and M theory, and more). As of recent (2017-2018) my consumption of scientific literature has been growing exponentially.. now absorbing audiobooks faster than previous years, and subscribing to Paid service such as The Great Courses for video lectures.

When I examine the purpose or motivation of physical growth, and mental development it brings me to the thought of Absolute actualization of oneself. When I use the term Absolute, I mean the Absolute Self; the “higher Self” if you will. I mean the animating life force energy which you emanate and omit from, and that which is interconnected in ways that we as human beings may never fully comprehend. Each of us has the capacity, through visualization, to project into ‘the future’ – exploring the infinite realm of possibilities of our own ‘future’ existence. In my New Years Resolution podcast I explain the process of reaching or extending-out, and pulling to you that version of your authentic self that you wish to align with, meanwhile you are moving towards that (seemingly) in time. You meet, merge, and repeat the process. This is a method of continuous growth and self actualization, which I believe is part of every individuals higher calling or purpose of existence.

Without blogging-on for pages, I encourage you to have a listen to the New Year’s podcast I’ve uploaded.. and challenge you to visualize the many versions of you which are in fact reflections of that highest potential Self. Explore what you find, question doubt, and move forward with strength and confidence!

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