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In the above photos you’ll see my two dogs Alfie (small Miniature Pincher) and Dota (Doberman), and my girlfriend of many years Grace.

From a young age I was heavily fascinated by the concept of business and technology. I began designing websites within the Gaming industry from the age of 14. At the age of 17 I began a small website design practice. I use the word “practice” because at that time it was a very small operation with only 3 employees, and non registered. After a year or so of sorting out the unknowns I decided to federally incorporate, begin hiring and later building clientèle.

In the early stages of my web design company I was in college for business administration and marketing. To be completely honest I found schooling, or perhaps that particular school/program, to be a complete waste of time and money. I heavily believe that one can self educate themselves in many aspects of business, technology, and life. Of course some forms of schooling are absolutely essential in the development of one’s career; take Medical Doctors for instance, I certainly wouldn’t want a self-taught doc looking me over in the hospital!

One day I woke up and decided that I was done with it all and left college to fully pursue what I knew best. Oddly enough I only required 3 more credits to complete my 3 year term, but when I make such decisions, they are carefully thought-out, I never hesitate to act, and I never have regrets. Without risk there is no reward,  and a life without risk means a life without challenge; who would want to live a life without challenge? Really think about it… With every new challenge there presents a new opportunity to overcome it and grow.

After 5 years of operating the business I had built a strong clientèle and a conservative revenue stream. In April 2009 I decided that I wanted to go in a different direction after being in the website design industry for 7 years. During my time with the business I had helped launch hundreds of successful websites in all sorts of industries.

In May 2009 I sold the corporation, and due to a 1 year non compete clause in that industry, began offering business and online marketing consulting services while opening a few offline small businesses to test various industry sectors.

Over the years I have also sold a few social networking websites/businesses with profitable and mutually beneficial agreements.

I’m currently a YouTuber, and the Creative Director for Thoughtmedia.com, a web design, graphic design, and photography company which I created in 2010. With year’s experience, plenty of colleagues, affiliates and media partners the company has grown quite rapidly.

All of my involvements, investments, and partnerships are outlined on the What I do page.

In short, I’ve owned and operated a handful of small to medium sized businesses, assisted in acquisitions, and I’m currently a Brand Developer. I have built my business network up substantially over the years and have made hundreds of strong, and essential contacts to assist my clients with their operations and my own.

My non work involvements may seem a bit hybrid in nature.. in my “down time” you’ll find me lifting heavy weights, skateboarding, roller blading (playing hockey), Parkour Free Running, and off road biking. These are just some of the activities I’m engaged in.

As of 2014 I have been heavily involved in Powerlifting and joined a local gym in Toronto – Fortis Fitness, and hired a coach (fellow YouTuber) Omar Isuf. I mostly train in my home gym, however I still frequently train at FortisFitness in the summer. My RAW lifting total is currently 1275lbs/578kg @ 188lbs/85kg/ body weight (315lbs/143kg Bench Press, 455lbs/206kg Squat, and 600lbs/272kg Deadlift). I regularly discuss health, fitness, and hold mindful discussions on my youtube channel.

I have started back into skateboarding, and tae kwon do (as a 1st degree black belt whom trained for 9 years); activities that I had not participated in since my teen years. Needless to say, I’ve picked up where I left off and continue to improve daily. I’m also regularly seen roller blading around the city, playing hockey, and off road biking.

There were a few years where I lost focus and was not very active nor healthy.. I talk about it in a blog post. Staying healthy and functional is an important aspect of my life, and the best way to stay current on what I’m doing is to follow me on Instagram @adamevans.

It’s my strong belief that we are all connected and the meaning of life is simply to live. Our physical forms take shape upon our birth, or entry into this world. Those forms are temporary shells which contain that which can’t be seen – our consciousness, and the unification of the ‘one’.

I regularly practice meditation and have a deep interest in quantum physics, string theory, spirituality, stoicism, cryptology, religion, mythology, astrology, metaphysics, Buddhism, Taoism, and awakening oneself through the practice of loving awareness.

Part of this has been the inclusion of literary material on the subject matter, some of which I discuss in several YouTube videos, and on my Podcast.

My business, and spiritual teachers/mentors can be found on my Influencers page.


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