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Amazon Is The Next Big Social Media Influencer Platform – Here’s Why!

Adam Evans Amazon InfluencerAmazon is not just the largest online commerce platform in the world but also boasts massive revenue, year over year growth, and global expansion of the company. In 2019 Amazon has introduced it’s influencer shop/store front which displays an Influencer’s favorite items and provides commission to the influencer for each sale. Example can be seen here on Adam’s Amazon Store.

The Social Media Marketing Landscape

The social media landscape is rapidly evolving as time goes on, and with innovations in deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). The fastest growing platform for the past 2 years has been Instagram, which had begun soon after it was acquired by Facebook. Since then Instagram marketing has been a booming industry, akin to the early years of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The reason for the rapid growth has to do with a number of factors ranging from the Facebook-acquisition factor, to simply the fact that they have been quick to roll out innovative updates to the Instagram app. Many argue however that Instagram and Facebook tend to leach ideas from other websites and applications, but are quick to improve upon them and roll them out to their platforms/services (such as Instagram).

Amazon Business Marketing Expert

The big social media platforms as of 2019 are YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr is still holding its ground as a popular image sharing and blogging platform. The general notion of the use of these platforms is as follows – YouTube for video streaming, Instagram as a new personal website/profile, Twitter for news, Facebook for wasting time lol, Pinterest for ecommerce purchases, and Tumblr for screwing around/also wasting time. YouTube has seemingly always been the most trafficked social media website, and Facebook has made many efforts (and continues) towards driving video views/traffic to, and keeping them within, Facebook. I personally do not foresee FB grabbing much market share and attention away from YT, as FB has been on the usage-decline for several years and has countered this decline with large acquisitions of emerging popular technologies/app such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

One thing none of these platforms have been able to grasp hold of is Influencer Marketing. YouTube has made several acquisitions to get their foot in the door – such as its purchase of FameBit Marketplace, but this is one of dozens of influencer marketing platforms. I firmly believe that Amazon has got all of these companies ‘by the balls’, so to speak, because influencers have been pushing traffic to Amazon product pages for years in a very clunky way. For Amazon to come along and open up their associates program to social media influencers, they are properly aligning themselves into the social media landscape in a way that is controllable and mutually beneficial with influencers.

What Does This Mean for Amazon and Influencer Marketing?

Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s business development/marketing team is brilliant in that they are now having social media influencers drive significantly more sales through their associates program – which yields commission for any purchase made. While all other platforms are paying for influencer outreach, and collaberations, and trying to acquire influencer marketing platforms, Amazon merely opens it’s program and the doors to influencer marketing with far less outreach efforts.

Business Social Media Marketing Amazon

You can expect to see much more improvement in Amazon’s collaboration with influencers as time goes on because the company continues to expand in major cities around the world – such as a recent bid for Amazon Headquarters local to my home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In my opinion Amazon has a big vision for integration with social media marketing, and their ability to execute and implement strategies to do so is quite impressive for such a large organization. Aside from this you can expect to start seeing some major disrupts in social media in terms of new platforms emerging, more acquisitions, and rapid growth in ecommerce – beyond that which has already occurred over the past 5 years. Also don’t be surprised if companies such as Netflix and even Uber start to emerge in the social media influencer marketing space with some disruptive technologies/services.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Well, as I’m sure many readers are aware, I’m a digital marketing/social media consultant and have been in the digital media space for over 15 years – currently holding the position of Creative Director at Thought Media. That being said, I always push for business owners and marketers to reach out to myself, or Thought Media for a needs analysis. We can then determine the best approach, with highest value, using digital marketing to grow your business. You can reach out by phone toll free as well 1 (800) 916 3864. I suggest aligning to a marketing agency because there is much involved in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and overall business development. If you do reach out, looking forward to potentially working with you!😊

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