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Businesses Need to Plan Their Marketing

Businesses Need to Plan Their Marketing

You don’t run your business without a plan. You shouldn’t be running your marketing without a plan either. Unfocused marketing can lead to consumer confusion and ultimately loss of profits. Understand Your Customers If you don’t know your customer demographic you won’t be able to target your advertising. While untargeted advertising will certainly get seen, it will not be seen by the eyes of those most likely to convert into customers. Sure, you may pick up one or two cus...

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Technology is More than a Friend to Your Business. It’s the Foundation!

Technology is More than a Friend to Your Business. It’s the Foundation!

Most businesses in Canada, the USA and North America as a whole lag behind the world on integrating technology within their business. I’m going to tell you about a type of business that’s not. Lost Dog Recovery Services. To see one of these services in action is not only a heart yanking tear jerk-er, it’s a technological marvel. With a phone call, or a few clicks, someone who’s lost their dog begins the service. The Finding company then utilizes every scrap of technology...

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First post on AdamEvans.ca version 3.0!

Welcome to the 3.0 version of my website. I will be posting my own articles when I have time to write them, however members of my team will occasionally “chime-in” and post their own content. For content ONLY coming from me, please follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/itsadamevans, but hey, I also recommend subscribing to my newsletter to be notified of new posts on AdamEvans.ca; there’s some really useful information which will be popping up on this blog!

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