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Business Social Media Marketing & How to Go Viral on Instagram in 2019

Though it’s been around for a decade, social media marketing is still considered to be in its early stages of growth, especially within the last 5 years. The reason why social media itself is in its infancy is because of the nature of the space its in – technology, digital media, and internet. Essentially the space itself is so rapidly expanding each day that all of those involved must either stay with the, or ahead of the technology trajectory. Author and internet personality Gary Vee also believes this to be the case. In his book series, Gary Vee demonstrates his social media authority and guides individuals in leveraging the power of social media marketing. As a well-known author, Gary Vee has made several keynote speeches on the infancy of social media marketing and how businesses can better take advantage of it. I share similar discussions in much shorter form on my YouTube channel:

Instagram, Social Media, and Google PPC Explosion

To better demonstrate this trend we can take a look at the Google PPC marketing revolution. When it first began, Google priced its pay-per-click marketing at a relatively low rate. As Google’s success and the success of businesses using pay-per-click marketing grew so did the price tag to use this vital Google marketing service. While Google’s PPC marketing has grown up, now featuring an adult-sized price, business social media marketing on other networks and platforms is still relatively young making this an adventitious time for you and your business to capitalize on the low advertising costs

The Takeaway for Social Media

Business Social Media Marketing

What this means for your business social media marketing is that now is the best time to economize and optimize your social media strategy. In the past 5 years alone social media marketing for business has been highly successful demonstrating proven results. When you optimize your businesses social marketing now you are essentially getting in on the ground floor at highly affordable advertising rates. The artificial intelligence used to target the demographics you want to view your business’s marketing message is currently highly exact and will only improve in the near future. Right now is the best time, however, to take advantage of the low cost associated with this nearly magic marketing tool. As the industry develops quickly it’s very efficient to hire a social media agency or professional like Adam Evans to assist your business in all of its social media marketing needs. Professionals are not only extensively experienced and offer proven results, but also have their fingers on the pulse of the industry changes which allows your business to be the first to take advantage of the newest trends.

I head much of the Creative for Thought Media, and we have been making a strong content-push in the direction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the expansion of digital media, as illustrated in the below Instagram post on @ThoughtMedia.


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⚡Do You Agree?!?👁️ Type YES🔌👇🏽😶 #ArtificialIntelligence – Many think that major companies are driving artificial super intelligence, however it’s individuals working around the world contributing to open source libraries that are pushing this aggressive timeline. We may see the evolution within 5 to 10 years. Do you agree?👀 – We at #ThoughtMedia stay on top of global #innovation and #disruptivetechnology 😉👍🏼 – 🔔Follow ✔️ @ThoughtMedia ✔️ for #technology news. – 📢TAG a friend who needs to see👀 – #neuralnetworks #neuralink #ElonMusk #MachineLearning #deeplearning #DataScience #buildtheweb #webdev #robotics #robot #fintech #tech #symbiote #siliconvalley #ibm #hivemind #digitalagency #digitalmarketing #softwaredeveloper #cryptocurrency #internetofthings #iot #BigData

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Social Media Marketing Toronto

Now is the time to get your business’s social media marketing in check! The costs are significantly less now than they are projected to be in terms of cost for reaching potential customers through social media. It’s very similar to how early Google Pay-per-click advertising was lower cost than it is now. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others are all significantly lower cost to reach customers than they will be in 5 years, 10 years to come. Now is the opportunity to hire a social media marketing expert to help grow and establish your business online.

Questions about this article, or how to grow your business on Instagram? Contact Adam today!

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