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Involvements & What I Do

Organizations I’m involved with, the Director of, or a general Stakeholder in…

YouTube (www.youtube.adamevans.ca) is something I have started being more involved with in 2013 with weekly Video Logs (VLOG’s) and more. I discuss topics ranging from health and fitness, to mindful discussions, and really anything I feel like talking about 😉

Thought Media (www.thoughtmedia.com) is a Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas based Website Design, Web Software Development, Graphic Design, Video Animation, and Digital Marketing company. I’m the Creative Director for this organization.

Statusboom (www.statusboom.com) is a Toronto based Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing company which utilizes a global network of online marketing professionals. I’m a Lead Digital Marketing Expert for this organization.

Epsom Athletics (www.EpsomAthletics.com) is a manufacturer and distributor of Epsom Salt & Dead Sea Salt products designed for Athletes to promote healing, recovery, clarity, and strength.

AcademicAds is an organization which is partnered with Thought Media. I’m a general stakeholder and partner of this organization. AA specializes in online marketing.

Illusive Design (www.illusivedesign.ca) is a website design and softwre development company which I founded/created in 2004, and was later acquired in 2009.


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